”The success of The Slytest’s debut album is simple; at the heart of
‘Get Your Front Seat Tickets…’ are some brilliant songs.
At no time does anything get particularly complicated,
but this is a record that basks in the basics”
–  AmericanaUK 8/10 – UK

”Straight Americana working class rock with a distinct nod
to the classic beginnings in the 70’s : Let’s say Bruce Springsteen,
say, Tom Petty, then we are here quite right”
– Nordische Music 4/6 – GE

The tracks “F.M.H” and “Rock’n’Roll” throws you right back
to the 60′s. Enough said
#OnesToWatch 4/5

”Swing-era saxophone sound and regal pop craftsmanship
gives the song a feeling of aplomb and
dignity while still being catchy as hell.” – survivingthegoldenage
”The Ego Song recalls a lighter pop from Belle & Sebastian or Bishop Allan” –

”From the Tom Petty sounding guitars of “Who You Are”, to the Ryan Adamsesque duet “Where Did You Go To Sleep Last Night?”. The band also manage to put some local colour to the recording with what in Sweden is considered “the Gothenburg sound” – The Venom Blog

”A sweet slice of Americana”- survivingthegoldenage

”Man kan dra paralleller till både Elvis Costello och Tom Petty men själv tycker jag att det låter som en mindre vemodig Billy Bragg med en återuppstånden Clarence Clemons på saxofon.” –

”On this, their first EP they let this fascination take a couple of different shapes – from the Tom Petty sounding guitars of Who You Are to the Ryan Adams style duet Where Did You Go To Sleep Last Night? ”  – Mad Mackerel

The Slytest records are celebrated all over the world

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